Makeover transforms hospital into oasis of calm for parents of sick children

When children get sick, parents can spend many hours and nights in a hospital’s cold, clinical-looking sleep rooms.

But at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Egleston hospital, the annex has been transformed into a spa-like oasis this season, thanks to Sunshine on a Ranney Day, a nonprofit organization that renovates homes for children with special needs.


A crowd gathered this month to see the grand reveal, which will mean more comfort for parents like Stacy Halstead, whose son Tripp stayed in the hospital for five months after suffering a severe brain injury. While at his daycare center in 2012, a tree limb fell on the little boy, crushing his head.

“It was just the most heartbreaking thing we’ve ever seen. They had him completely hooked up to all the monitors and all the tubes and he looked so small, he was only 2 years old,” Halstead said.

“The hospital became our home. We ate here, we bathed here and we slept here… you want to cry and break down, but can’t in front of your child. It’s just not acceptable, you have to stay strong.”

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